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First day on Earth

Raw, Emotional and Beautiful Birth Stories

All the firsts always have a special place and let's capture the much awaited little new-bee's first cry, first touch, first look and first smile with the near and dear when he/she is just out of their cozy mother's womb. The day the family's happiness can only get infinite

First day on Earth: Service
First day on Earth: Portfolio

What to expect

  • 30 high resolution images on cloud 

  • 2 mins long video documenting lil' one's very first moments

  • A complimentary snapbook comprising of 20 pictures 

  • The session lasts for a duration of 2 hrs -3 hrs 

First day on Earth: Text


When to schedule the slot?

We recommend you to block us at least 30 days prior to your due date as we keep ourselves ready to leave at any point of time once we receive a call from you.

How many team members will be present?

Only one team member who will capture both photos and videos. This is to ensure we wouldn’t be of any disturbance during and after the peak time of baby’s arrival

Any permissions required from hospital management?

Yes, we need a  permission letter to allow one person from our team. We will be only entering the space once we are informed that your little one has arrived

Any baby/ mom clothing requirement?

No, the purpose of the session is to capture the candid, real and raw moments with the near and dear ones

Will you share the raw dump?

No, We wouldn’t be sharing any raw set of images with you.

Do you travel outdoors for the shoot? 

No. We wouldn’t be able to make it on time for the hospital session considering the distance of travel

First day on Earth: FAQ
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