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Happiness in a Jar


All set to welcome the littlest newbie? Count on Moments! How precious are they to you?  

Happiness in a Jar: Packages

What you can expect?



A session personalised to reflect your personality. We look in to the styling and concept for the session based on your choice of preferences

Session Details

  • 15 high resolution edits will be shared on cloud 

  • Delivery of the images will take up to 14 days from the shoot day

  • The duration of the session will be for an hour 

  • Raw images will not be shared 

  • The session will be shot by Bellies2babies team 

  • Outfit & Make-up to be taken care by you 

  • Detailed decor can be done at an additional cost by our vendors

First Day on Earth

Firsts are always special. Let’s capture the much awaited little new-bee's first cry, first touch, first look and first smile with the near and dear when he/she is just out of their cozy mother's womb.

Session Details

  • 30 high resolution images on cloud 

  • A 2 mins long Video documenting the first day on earth moments 

  • A premium album comprising of pictures from the above sessions 

  • Raw images will not be shared 

  • The duration of the session will be 2 hrs - 3 hrs 

Proud Big Sister
Tiny Feet

Newborn Portraits

Document & Cherish the love that melts your heart!

Capture those tiny curly little feet, shiny eyes and adorably cute smiles before they grow up? before they grow up

Session Details

  • 5 high resolution images per theme

  • Raw images will not be shared 

  • The full theme setup, props and outfits are taken care by Bellies2Babies

  • The duration of the session will be between 1 hrs to 3 hrs

  • Baby is handled by the team Bellies2Babies throughout the session

Baby Milestones

Archive your baby’s new developments and milestones in our beautifully curated concepts 

More than the milestones, isn’t it all about freezing moments before they fleet?

Session Details

  • 4 milestone shoots once in a quarter of the baby’s first year

  • 15 high resolution images from every shoot 

  • Concept & Styling recommendations taken care by our creative team 

  • The duration of every shoot will be 45 mins 

  • A complimentary family pic for every shoot.It includes only parents and sibling if any

  • Additional inclusion of family members will be at a certain price on to the package 

Family Maternity
Happy Family

Cake Smash

The most fun session before your baby turns HAPPY ONE. It’s all about getting messy and capturing the fun in a not so restricted space - Your tiny bee deserves a little drama around and some yummy sugar rush!

Session Details

  • One exclusive theme personalized considering the baby’s favorite elements 

  • Cake & outfits suggestion from our creative team - cost to be taken care by the client

  • 15 high resolution images on cloud 

  • One complimentary picture for the family - Father, mother and sibling of the baby if any 

  • Any extravagant decor elements will be under additional charges only 

  • Two outfit changes are allowed during the session for the baby 

  • The session will be for an hour 

Birthday event

Woohoo! It’s your little one’s first birthday and the day you have been planning to celebrate with your near & dear ones. It’s also a celebration for years to come for marking it as a memorable day for happy parents. 

Time to freeze the cute moments of your little bean with his/her little guests around!

Session Details

  • Includes a team size of 3 people for the event - 2 photographers and 1 cinematographer 

  • Minimum of 50 high resolution images on cloud 

  • Candid Film of 2 mins - 5 mins duration of the event 

  • One signature premium album (Choice of client to have it dedicated to the event or the best pics from all the shoot sessions) 

  • The event coverage will be for a maximum of 6 hrs only 

  • Any additional requirement of team size (Depends on the guest size) would be additional on to the package cost  

Proud Big Sister
Happiness in a Jar: Services
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